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26 oktober 2016


Only this week left for registration for the Symposium ‘Phasing out animal experiments, the next steps’

This is the last week you can register for the Symposium ‘Phasing out animal experiments, the next steps: applying openness, scientific justification and transparent reporting’. This Symposium will be held at the European Parliament in Brussels on December 8, 2016. Please note that the strict deadline for registration is  November 1 and cannot be extended for security reasons. Therefore, if you wish to register, then please return the completed registration form you can find on our website before November 1.

The purpose of this Symposium which is organised by the Netherlands National Committee for the protection of animals used for scientific purposes (NCad), is to discuss whether the current animal use practices can be reduced and improved and if so, in what way. Experts will highlight why  certain animal experiments are still necessary, and  that applying openness, scientific justification and transparent reporting are key to make a justified decision on whether  or not an animal experiment should be licensed. The main topic that will be discussed is the Synthesis of Evidence concept, being one of the tools that should strongly contribute to diminishing, or better, preventing unnecessary animal experiments.

The Symposium is open for scientists, members of the European Parliament, members of National Committees, and other interested parties in EU member states. In the afternoon, an international synthesis of evidence working group will discuss the development of a European code of practice for the SoE concept. The members of the working group will also discuss how to organize input of other scientific experts in this process. Scientific experts interested in giving input, please enter your name on the specific part of the registration form.

You can find the program of the Symposium on our website, together with the registration form.
We encourage your participation to this meeting and we look forward to welcome you in in December in Brussels.