First freight train in Colombia between Caribbean coast and midlands realized

The first part of the railroad is composed of two U18 locomotives and 10 platforms for the purpose of container transport from on the Santa Marta-ChiriguanĂ¡ line. On the ChiriguanĂ¡- La Dorada line, two GR12 locomotives are put in place with another 10 platforms who can carry up to a maximum of 20 wagons. This project had been concessioned by the National Infrastructure Agency(ANI) to the company Ferrocarriles del Norte SA(Fenoco) in 1999. This railway route has also been made possible by Holdtrade Atlantic Network, a joint venture of industrial railway equipment supplier Holdtrade(UK) and US short line group Iowa Pacific who have been working to identify potential customers for the reopened lines. In 2014, an agreement was signed between the Colombian Ministry of Transport and Holdtrade to support reopening of railway lines.